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Remote Desktop

Accessing your remote desktop on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud via NoMachine

Amazon Lightsail


Share PDF versions of Google Drive files

Share PDF Versions of Google Drive Files Without Converting by Hand[

Open Google spreadsheet with the cursor on last working cell

Sync Files to Your Computer

How to Sync Google Drive and OneDrive Files to Your Computer

Microsoft Onedrive

For NIH one drive,

  • we can only share with NIH users.
  • When sharing a file, the receiver needs to sign in through their browser and if the files are large, it cannot be opened online and needs to be downloaded to local first.
  • we need a PIV card in order to see oneDrive online.
  • it seems we cannot use oneDrive as a backup. If we unselect a folder for syncing, the folder will be immediately removed from the local system.
  • not sure if the syncing is working. I copy a new folder to the local onedrive folder. The oneDrive icon on the top menu keeps rotation but nothing really happened. The new files are not in cloud and the syncing symbol shows files are not synced.

Access offline

How to Access OneDrive Files Offline on a Windows PC


Microsoft SharePoint Sites Explained: Hub Site, Team Site, and Communication Site

Shared hosting and VPS

Best web hosting services 2023: Expert picks and advice


Virtual private servers starting at $5 a month (512MB memory, 1 Core, 20GB SSD, 1TB Transfer)


How to Install WordPress on a Virtual Server for Free Using Cloud9

Mega: 50GB free

pCloud: 10GB free

This Dropbox Alternative Frees Up Device Storage Without Deleting Anything


File sharing platforms

22 Best Free Open Source Cloud File Sharing Platforms



See NextCloud


Similar to Nextcloud as it allows you to host your own cloud storage, while offering a Dropbox-style service. It has a Raspberry Pi server version. Github.

Video streaming

The 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites


The Best Free Image Hosting Websites

Free website hosting services

Decide a date/schedule a meeting