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Install/remove packages

How to Install and Remove Packages in Arch Linux


Package cache

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Install DEB packages

How to Install DEB Packages in Arch Linux

System update

$ grep installed /var/log/pacman.log
[2021-03-24T20:50:42-0400] [ALPM] installed xf86-video-vmware (13.3.0-2)
[2021-03-24T20:50:42-0400] [ALPM] installed linux510-virtualbox-guest-modules (6.1.18-18)
[2021-03-24T20:50:42-0400] [ALPM] installed virtualbox-guest-utils (6.1.18-2)
[2021-03-24T20:50:42-0400] [ALPM] installed libdnet (1.12-13)
[2021-03-24T20:50:42-0400] [ALPM] installed libmspack (1:0.10.1alpha-3)
[2021-03-24T20:50:42-0400] [ALPM] installed uriparser (0.9.4-1)
[2021-03-24T20:50:42-0400] [ALPM] installed gdk-pixbuf-xlib (2.40.2-1)
[2021-03-24T20:50:42-0400] [ALPM] installed open-vm-tools (6:11.2.5-2)
[2021-03-24T20:50:42-0400] [ALPM] installed xf86-input-vmmouse (13.1.0-5)
[2021-03-24T20:50:42-0400] [ALPM] installed spice-vdagent (0.21.0-1)
[2021-03-24T21:01:58-0400] [ALPM] installed r (4.0.4-1)
[2021-03-24T21:11:41-0400] [ALPM] installed tk (

# I update the whole system. R has been updated from 4.0.4 to 4.1.0

$ sudo pacman -Syu
$ grep "4.1.0" /var/log/pacman.log
[2021-07-31T11:54:02-0400] [ALPM] upgraded mpfr (4.1.0-1 -> 4.1.0-2)
[2021-07-31T11:55:33-0400] [ALPM] upgraded r (4.0.4-1 -> 4.1.0-1)


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