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Project management

Trello vs. Asana: The Best Free Project Management Tool


5 Useful Web Tools Every Student Should Use

Non-boring presentation

Prezi. Also funny comics can be found from




The 5 Best Free Tools to Make Infographics Online

Flow chart/Mind-mapping/Diagram

EntityExplorer, How to Succeed in Google Discover


Image editor

Pixlr Editor (vs Pinta or Shotwell in Ubuntu)

Create gifs on any platform. An online tool is called Giphy. The source file can be a video file (local < 100MB or youtube). If the source file is a series of png file, click slideshow option. The resulting file can be embedded in html files or downloaded to your local machines.

5 One-Click Websites to Make Your Photos Look Better

5 Little-Known Free Online Image Editing Tools to Replace Photoshop


7 Free Photo Collage Makers to Turn Photos Into Memories

Slideshow For example, search 'Natural wonders' in Google/Bing and copy/paste a destination to the website.

curacao, Yamdrok Lake, Guilin, Greenland, Valletta, Patagonia, Atacama, Machu Picchu, Hallstatt

Big Bend National Park, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley National Park (Badwater Road, Dante’s View, Artist Drive、Golden Canyon, Ubehebe Crater)

Iguazu falls (Bazil and Argentina), Parque Nacional Los Glaciares (Argentina), Muir Woods, El Calafate (Argentina), Torres de Paine (Chile), Costa Rica

Window swap

Video editor

WeVideo (vs OpenShot in Ubuntu)


Transcribe audio to text


Virus Total




Google search

21 Tips and Tricks to Master the Art of Googling as a Developer

Google photos

Google drawings

I need to install the "Google Drawings" extension on chrome. It can be used to create shapes and diagrams.

It has an option to 'Download' the file as svg.

One problem is the canvas is not trimmed to the shapes.


You Can Now Markup and Modify PDFs in Google Drive Using Adobe Acrobat

Google Drive

Google Docs Spreadsheets

Google Calendar

  • Event is better than reminders. Event will show on the locked screen and the notification area.
    • Event can be used to send an email reminder
    • Another way to get a reminder email is by scheduling an email in Gmail.
  • How to Use Google Calendar as a Personal Journal From Today
  • Add reminders in Google Calendar
    • You'll only get notifications for reminders that are scheduled for a specific time. If you created an all-day reminder, you won't get a notification for it.
    • Be sure to change the Settings for the notifications. Make sure 'Allow Notifications' is one. Choose Banner Style from Temporary to Persistent.

How to Remotely Sign Out of Your Gmail Account

go to and then “Sign-in & security” followed by Device activity & notification.

Gmail app always showing one unread notification

Try this one in the search bar: "category:primary is:unread"

Free up Space in Gmail

The Fastest Way to Free up Space in Gmail

How to Use Gmail Like a Desktop Email Client: 7 Simple Steps

How to Use Gmail Like a Desktop Email Client: 7 Simple Steps

Back up gmail

How to Back up Your Gmail to a Local Mailbox the Easy Way

Why You Should Use Third-Party Sign-on (OAuth) for Your Web App

Why You Should Use Third-Party Sign-on (OAuth) for Your Web App

Google keep

How to Export Your Google Keep Notes and Attachments

Google review

How to Delete a Google Review

The 15 Best Alternatives to Search, News, Docs, and More

  • Google -> duckDuckGo
  • Gmail ->
  • Google map -> Here WeGo
  • Google docs -> Office online
  • Google drive -> Dropbox
  • Google news -> Yahoo news
  • Google calendar -> Fruux
  • Google translate -> Microsoft translator
  • Chrome -> Opera
  • Google domain -> Flame domain
  • Google site -> Weebly
  • Google photos -> Amazon prime photos

Free online courses

440+ Free Online Programming & Computer Science Courses You Can Start in February

Online poll/voting/scheduler

Share files

Virtual file system


How to Use LessPass to Manage Your Passwords


Alias email

Hide Your Real Email Address

How to Hide Your Real Email Address

Use a Custom Reply-To Email Address

How to Use a Custom Reply-To Email Address in Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo

The 8 Best ProtonMail Alternatives for Your Email Security

The 8 Best ProtonMail Alternatives for Your Email Security

Temporary Email Addresses


Recreate Your Noisy Office with “The Sound of Colleagues”


What Is Slack and How Does It Work?