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GUI testing tools


Smoke testing (software)

Developing Usable Software

UI design

The Top 11 Tools You Should Master as a UI/UX Designer

VLC keyboard shortcut

  • Alt + arrows => skip 10 seoncds
  • +, - (no shift needed) => play faster, slower
  • M => toggle mute


Java based program



Examples: Mind Maps by Vladimir Toncar



To find out the source of a web clip, click the Note Info icon at the top.


Refined Evernote desktop app


10 tricks and tips

  • Favorite files for offline reading on mobile devices
  • Use Dropbox as your default Document folder
  • Email files to dropbox as attachment
  • Get more stoage for free
  • Maintain firefox settings across different computers
  • Upload files to Dropbox via URL - URL droplet
  • Download torrents remotely
  • Maintain two dropbox accounts - Dropbox wiki
  • Backup your web site - Backup Box
  • Host web page - DropPages or


On my Ubuntu machine (20.04), I found the machine's HDD led is very busy. When I used grafana to monitor, it can be seen the disk I/O dropped to 0 after I disable dropbox daemon.




Open source

Ten simple rules on writing clean and reliable open-source scientific software

How to write about open source software

  • What should you write about?
  • What type of article are you writing?
  • Who are you writing for?
  • Words matter
    • Use everyday language
    • Know which words to avoid
    • Use inclusive language
  • Revising and editing
  • Style guides

Difference Between Development, Stage, And Production

Difference Between Development, Stage, And Production 4 tiers

  • development is what you have on your local machine
  • stage: not stable, built with the last contributions from git
  • QA: same data as production (optional)
  • production

On NIH, it is Dev -> QA -> Stage -> Prod.

There are different definitions. On microsoft, it follows this process:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Staging
  • Production