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The Best Time to Buy an International Plane Ticket DC -> TPE.

For Asia

  • Prime Booking Window: A little over a month to 7 months
  • Best time to buy: About 120 days from your travel date
  • The average airfare: $1,113
  • Cheapest month to travel: November
  • Most expensive month to travel: June
  • Least expensive days of week to fly: Tuesday and Wednesday

Tips for buying tickets

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Copernix, Google maps and Wikipedia Copernix tells you about the most interesting places around using information from Wikipedia. Use it on the road or before you go to explore or simply learn about new places.



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ROC Visa, Passport

駐美國臺北經濟文化代表處 TECRO, 領務組業務, 4201 Wisconsin Ave., N W Washington, DC 20016-2137

Virtual travels


For a newbie driver, the RV was her classroom and her subject matter