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Blocked, ports

My self hosted VPN does not work in school, what is an alternative? WireGuard defaults to listening on port 51820.

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WireGuard is a fairly new VPN protocol which is much more secure and faster than OpenVPN or IPsec.

Android part:



sudo ufw allow 51820/udp
  • Steps
    1. Add wg.taichimd.us to cloudflare.
    2. Update ddclient.conf
    3. Open 51820/UDP port on router
    4. sudo ufw allow 51820/udp; docker-compose up -d
    5. Go to http://IP:51821 & add a new client
    6. scan QR on Android wireguard app
    7. Disable wifi and connect http://neverssl.com to test the connection
  • Extra steps:
    1. In cloudflare, disable DNS Proxy
    2. Include WG_ALLOWED_IPS= (not sure if this is necessary)
    3. sudo rm wg0.* (for some reason, the conf file was not changed after I modify docker-compose.yml file)
    4. docker-compose up -d
    5. Re-log in and re-create a new client tunnel, etc.
    6. In the http://IP:51821 client page, you should see a red dot showing a client is connected and some network activity (up/down).
  • Any benefit to changing default WireGuard port?


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