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Download videos


See VLC tips.

  1. Play the video in VLC
  2. On VLC, check Tools -> Codec information and find a URL there
  3. Open the URL on a browser. Right click the video and choose to save the video.

The method works for youtube and vimeo videos.

Firefox/Chrome add-on

3 Easy Ways to Download YouTube Videos in Ubuntu and Other Linux Distributions

Video DownloadHelper add-on works fine when I test it on Firefox and Chrome. I need to install an app Video DownloadHelper companion app (the source code is on Github) in order to use the extension. It saves the videos to ~/dwhelper folder.

Online websites

Host your own downloader



unzip $
cd youtube-dl-$VERSION
sudo pip install .

mpsyt: mps-youtube (mp3 + stream + youtube)

By default, mps-youtube is basically a YouTube audio player (and downloader), but you can enable external video playback (via mpv or MPlayer) from its options. Check out

  • An article on webupd8.
  • More keyboard controls can be found on the webpage of mps.

Installation on Linux (works on Odroid with low CPU usage for audio stream from youtube but Odroid gives dirty noise when I played the music).

sudo apt-get install python3-pip
sudo pip3 install mps-youtube
sudo pip3 install youtube_dl

# On Ubuntu/Mint. Do not use mplayer. Use mpv instead.
# sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/mpv-tests
# sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mpv

mpsyt   # launch
set player mpv
pl   # a playlist
h       # help
Space   # pause
p       # play
q       # quit mpsyt

h search
url   # retrieve specific youtube video by url or id

Installation on Windows

Some highlight

  • Search
  • Local playlist
  • support YouTube Playlists
  • Download
  • Music Album Matching

If something is wrong with using 'set' command, just run rm -rf ~/.config/mps-youtube/ and restart everything.

By default, it only streams audio. To watch the video, use set show_video true.

Below is what I got from the set command (as you can see the default player is mpv)

  Key                 Value                                                  
  order             : relevance
  user_order        : 
  max_res           : 2160p
  player            : mpv
  playerargs        : 
  encoder           : 0 [None]
  notifier          : 
  checkupdate       : True
  show_mplayer_keys : True
  fullscreen        : False
  show_status       : True
  columns           : 
  ddir              : /home/odroid/Downloads/mps
  overwrite         : True
  show_video        : False
  search_music      : True
  window_pos        : 
  window_size       : 
  download_command  : 
  audio_format      : auto
  api_key           : AIzaSyCIM4EzNqi1in22f4Z3Ru3iYvLaY8tc3bo

The screenshot shows mpsyt contains basic playing keyboard shortcuts.


[Update 4-7-2017]: to fix an error Signature extraction failed: Traceback (most recent call last):

sudo apt-get remove -y youtube-dl  # Removing youtube-dl (2014.02.17-1) ...
sudo pip3 install -U youtube-dl

$ youtube-dl --version

mp3 download


  • Play youtube audio only
    mpv link_to_youtube_vid --no-video
  • Open YouTube (And More) Videos From Your Web Browser With mpv [Firefox, Chrome]. Using this is especially useful if your web browser doesn't support hardware-accelerated video playback.
    sudo apt install mpv
    mpv --ytdl-format="bestvideo[height<=?1080]+bestaudio/best" <URL_of_Video>
    mpv --start=56:00 Some_YT_URL    # include time
    mpv  # embed time in the URL
  • Record live youtube video. For some reason, mp4 or mkv format does not work.
    mpv --stream-record=video.ts

ytfzf: search & play or download

sudo apt install jq mpv fzf  # youtube-dl 
cd github
~/github$ cd ytfzf/
~/github/ytfzf$ sudo make install
~/github/ytfzf$ cd
# WARNING: The script ueberzug is installed in '/home/brb/.local/bin' which is not on PATH.
sudo apt install python3-pip
pip3 install ueberzug
export PATH=/home/brb/.local/bin:$PATH
ytfzf -t scRNA  # -t means thumbnails,  scRNA is an example of some keywords
ytfzf -d scRNA  # -d means download

$ ytfzf --version
ytfzf: 1.0.0

$ ytfzf --help
Usage: ytfzf [OPTIONS] <search-query>
     -h, --help                           Show this help text
     -v, --version                        -v for ytfzf's version, --version for ytfzf + youtube-dl's version
     -t, --thumbnails                     Show thumbnails (requires ueberzug)
                                          Doesn't work with -H -D
     -D, --ext-menu                       Use external menu(default dmenu) instead of fzf 
     -H, --choose-from-history            Choose from history 
     -x, --clear-history                  Delete history
     -m, --audio-only   <search-query>    Audio only (for music)
     -d, --download     <search-query>    Download to current directory
     -f                 <search-query>    Show available formats before proceeding
     -a, --auto-play    <search-query>    Auto play the first result, no selector
     -r  --random-play  <search-query>    Auto play a random result, no selector
     -n, --video-count= <video-count>     To specify number of videos to select with -a or -r
     -l, --loop         <search-query>    Loop: prompt selector again after video ends
     -s                 <search-query>    After the video ends make another search 
     -L, --link-only    <search-query>    Prints the selected URL only, helpful for scripting

     --previews=       <left/right>      the side of the screen to show thumbnails
     --upload-time=     <time-range>      Time range can be one of, last-hour, today, this-week, this-month, this-year
                   You can also put the filter as it's own option eg: --today
     --upload-sort=     <sort-filter>     The filter to sort the videos can be one of, upload-date, view-count, rating
                   You can also put the filter as it's own option eg: --upload-date
     --filter-id=       <filter>          The id of the filter to use for video reults
                   A filter id can be found by going to youtube searching, filtering how you want
                   Then taking the value of the &sp= part of the url
                   Filters may not work especially when the filter sorts for non-videos
                   In addition this overrides any filter provided through options
                   Example: ytfzf --filter-id=EgJAAQ minecraft
                   This will filter by livestream

     --update                             clones the latest commit and installs it
                   on Arch ytfzf is available in the AUR
  Use - instead of <search-query> for stdin

  Option usage:
     ytfzf -fDH                           to show history using external 
                                          menu and show formats
     ytfzf -fD --choose-from-history      same as above

  Defaults can be modified through ENV variables
     YTFZF_HIST=1                          0 : off history
     YTFZF_LOOP=0                          1 : loop the selection prompt
     YTFZF_PREF=''                         22: 720p,  18: 360p
     YTFZF_CUR=1                           For status bar bodules
     YTFZF_EXTMENU=' dmenu -i -l 30'
  To use rofi
     YTFZF_EXTMENU=' rofi -dmenu -fuzzy -width 1500'

  For more details refer

Convert av1 format to h264 format

This is necessary if we add videos to Plex. Convert a video to MP4 (H.264/AAC) with ffmpeg.

Use Handbrake. Converting Video Files to H.264 MP4 Format Using HandBrake on Linux

$ apt-cache show handbrake-cli
$ sudo apt-get install handbrake-cli
$ HandBrakeCLI --help
$ HandBrakeCLI -e x264 -i input.mp4 -o output.mp4



yt-dlp: A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes


Tips 1: SMTube,

Search and watch Youtube

Tips 2: Pennywise

Open Websites In A Floating, Borderless Window/Picture in picture

Keyboard shortcuts

Shift + / for a complete collection of keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for YouTube

24 of the Most Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

  • j: backward 10 seconds
  • l: forward 10 seconds
  • >: Speed up the video playback rate.
  • <: Slow down the video playback rate.
  • c: captions
  • m: mute

Search for Words in a YouTube Video

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Add YouTube Player Controls To Your Linux Desktop With browser-mpris2 (Chrome Extension)

Browser extension/add-on


Facebook app

When we play youtube on browsers other than Chrome, the resolution is 720p at most. But when I play youtube videos in Facebook app, it provides up to 1080p resolution and it blocks ads automatically.

Live Stream on youtube

5 Relaxing YouTube Channels to Help You Chill Out

Natural sounds

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How to remove the suggested videos overlay from a paused, embedded YouTube video

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H How to Pause Your YouTube Watch History. Library -> History -> stacked dots icon -> History Controls -> toggle switch to Pause watch history.

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Picture in picture mode

Youtube Music

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Epidemic sound


Crop audio

Trim audio file using start and stop times

ffmpeg -i file.mkv -ss 00:00:20 -to 00:00:40 -c copy file-2.mkv