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Download videos


See VLC tips.

  1. Play the video in VLC
  2. On VLC, check Tools -> Codec information and find a URL there
  3. Open the URL on a browser. Right click the video and choose to save the video.

The method works for youtube and vimeo videos.

Firefox/Chrome add-on

3 Easy Ways to Download YouTube Videos in Ubuntu and Other Linux Distributions

Video DownloadHelper add-on works fine when I test it on Firefox and Chrome. I need to install an app Video DownloadHelper companion app (the source code is on Github) in order to use the extension. It saves the videos to ~/dwhelper folder.




mpv --start=56:00 Some_YT_URL    # include time
mpv  # embed time in the URL

ytfzf: search & play or download

sudo apt install jq mpv fzf  # youtube-dl 
cd github
~/github$ cd ytfzf/
~/github/ytfzf$ sudo make install
~/github/ytfzf$ cd
# WARNING: The script ueberzug is installed in '/home/brb/.local/bin' which is not on PATH.
sudo apt install python3-pip
pip3 install ueberzug
export PATH=/home/brb/.local/bin:$PATH
ytfzf -t scRNA  # -t means thumbnails,  scRNA is an example of some keywords
ytfzf -d scRNA  # -d means download

$ ytfzf --version
ytfzf: 1.0.0

$ ytfzf --help
Usage: ytfzf [OPTIONS] <search-query>
     -h, --help                           Show this help text
     -v, --version                        -v for ytfzf's version, --version for ytfzf + youtube-dl's version
     -t, --thumbnails                     Show thumbnails (requires ueberzug)
                                          Doesn't work with -H -D
     -D, --ext-menu                       Use external menu(default dmenu) instead of fzf 
     -H, --choose-from-history            Choose from history 
     -x, --clear-history                  Delete history
     -m, --audio-only   <search-query>    Audio only (for music)
     -d, --download     <search-query>    Download to current directory
     -f                 <search-query>    Show available formats before proceeding
     -a, --auto-play    <search-query>    Auto play the first result, no selector
     -r  --random-play  <search-query>    Auto play a random result, no selector
     -n, --video-count= <video-count>     To specify number of videos to select with -a or -r
     -l, --loop         <search-query>    Loop: prompt selector again after video ends
     -s                 <search-query>    After the video ends make another search 
     -L, --link-only    <search-query>    Prints the selected URL only, helpful for scripting

     --previews=       <left/right>      the side of the screen to show thumbnails
     --upload-time=     <time-range>      Time range can be one of, last-hour, today, this-week, this-month, this-year
                   You can also put the filter as it's own option eg: --today
     --upload-sort=     <sort-filter>     The filter to sort the videos can be one of, upload-date, view-count, rating
                   You can also put the filter as it's own option eg: --upload-date
     --filter-id=       <filter>          The id of the filter to use for video reults
                   A filter id can be found by going to youtube searching, filtering how you want
                   Then taking the value of the &sp= part of the url
                   Filters may not work especially when the filter sorts for non-videos
                   In addition this overrides any filter provided through options
                   Example: ytfzf --filter-id=EgJAAQ minecraft
                   This will filter by livestream

     --update                             clones the latest commit and installs it
                   on Arch ytfzf is available in the AUR
  Use - instead of <search-query> for stdin

  Option usage:
     ytfzf -fDH                           to show history using external 
                                          menu and show formats
     ytfzf -fD --choose-from-history      same as above

  Defaults can be modified through ENV variables
     YTFZF_HIST=1                          0 : off history
     YTFZF_LOOP=0                          1 : loop the selection prompt
     YTFZF_PREF=''                         22: 720p,  18: 360p
     YTFZF_CUR=1                           For status bar bodules
     YTFZF_EXTMENU=' dmenu -i -l 30'
  To use rofi
     YTFZF_EXTMENU=' rofi -dmenu -fuzzy -width 1500'

  For more details refer

Convert av1 format to h264 format

This is necessary if we add videos to Plex. Convert a video to MP4 (H.264/AAC) with ffmpeg.

Use Handbrake. Converting Video Files to H.264 MP4 Format Using HandBrake on Linux

$ apt-cache show handbrake-cli
$ sudo apt-get install handbrake-cli
$ HandBrakeCLI --help
$ HandBrakeCLI -e x264 -i input.mp4 -o output.mp4



Tips 1: SMTube

Search and watch Youtube

Tips 2: Pennywise

Open Websites In A Floating, Borderless Window/Picture in picture

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for YouTube

24 of the Most Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

  • j: backward 10 seconds
  • l: forward 10 seconds
  • >: Speed up the video playback rate.
  • <: Slow down the video playback rate.
  • c: captions
  • m: mute


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