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Run from HDD

How to Run Any Linux Distribution Directly from Hard Disk

Run from RAM

Dsitro DE/WM Pro
Lubuntu LxQt/Openbox nothing special
Slax NA/fluxbox very thin ito software
very clean itf interface
no installation option
live default pw: demo
FAQ, Forum
iceWM/IceWM include many goodies:
SMTube, mpv,
Youtube video player
ISO snapshot.
  • List of Linux distributions that run from RAM
  • Ubuntu
    • Memory usage is 5.4GB according to System Monitor
    • When I try to 'Power off' my USB drive through the 'Disks' utility. But I got an error that Device or resource is busy.
    • If I forcefully pull out the USB drive, the whole live session is gone. So the conclusion is boot to ram is not fully supported.
    • My experience with Ubuntu 20.04/22.04: press "e" and add toram just before or after "quiet splash" on line 4 (starting with linux) and then press F10. See screenshots.
setparams 'Ubuntu'

        set gfxpayload=keep
        linux   /casper/vmlinuz file=/cdrom/pressed/ubuntu.seed maybe-ubiquity toram quiet splash ---
        initrd  /casper/initrd
  • List of Linux distributions that run from RAM. Some based on Debian include antiX (#15), Knoppix (#73), Slax and Tails (#31) (ranking is by DistroWatch as Oct 2021). RAM usage is about 350MB except antiX uses only 125MB.
  • For antiX/MX Linux, we need to add toram parameter to the option line on the boot screen (tested on antiX-19.4_x64-full.iso).
    • First boot screen -> Use Legacy Kernel -> Normal Boot (but add "toram" to the Boot Options line at the bottom). So the boot options become "quiet splasht disable=1xF toram". Enter. It will show "Copy 1.33 GiB to RAM" on the screen (about 1 minute).
    • I delete all partitions on HDD and add 2.0TB as "/". Then the installation can continue.
    • After we see the desktop df -h should not reveal /dev/sda1 and it should only have tmpfs and /dev/loop0.
    • I can remove the USB drive.
    • To configure wifi, open antiX Control Centre -> Network -> WiFi Connect(Connman).
    • Somehow, it can remember my identity so I don't need to go to wifi to reconnect. Interesting.
  • What are the best Linux distros that run entirely in RAM?
  • A screenshot of antiX-21 (taken from running in Proxmox, so the res is 1024 x 768/4:3)
AntiX21 mmedia.png

Linux Distro for Your Cloud Server

How to Choose the Right Linux Distro for Your Cloud Server Fedora is the upstream source of Red Hat. CentOS is the downstream source of RHEL.

Debian derived distributions


MX Linux



  • Not even any web browser has been pre-installed. "We hope you enjoy - Everything you need & nothing you don't".
  • A light-weight LXDE distribution for cloud applications
  • In place of traditionally native applications for common tasks (word processing, image editing), it ships with the custom Ice application, which allows users to create site-specific browsers (SSB's).
  • From my testing, favicon is not downloaded when I create an SSB for twitter in ICE:)
  • Not impressed by the SSB idea.

Raspberry Pi OS


Gnoppix Linux 22.12 is out with GNOME 43, Kernel 6.0, + More


Twister OS

Whonix OS

Red Hat derived distributions

4 Ways Red Hat's Source Code Restrictions Affect Other Distros


LXQt version looks better than GNOME (the top menu does not show all opened apps!) and KDE (too heavy).

Arch Linux

Arch Linux

Small/lightweight Linux distributions

Make a Linux distro

Making a micro Linux distro

Live USB

See Live USB.

Best Linux Distributions

7 Deadly Sins of Distrohopping


Best Lightweight Linux Distributions for Older Computers (With System Requirements)


10 Best And Most Secure Linux Distributions



Best Distributions for Gaming on Linux


The Best Desktop Environments For Linux


How to Configure Linux for Children