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ISO download

Download Office 2019, Office 365 & 2016 ISO Offline Installer. The download file is called ProfessionalRetail.img for Office 2016 Professional and ProPlus2019Retail.img for Office 2019 ProPlus.

How to Extend Office 2019/2016 & Office 365 Trial to 180 Days?

Office home use program (HUP)


Change languages

How to Change the Language in Microsoft Office 2016

Office Location Scheduled 9/22/2015.

Tips & Tricks 147 – Find the Location of Excel.Exe. 1. Start Excel 2. Right click on Windows Task Bar > Start Task Manager > Processes tab. 3. Locate Excel.Exe > Right Click > Open File Location to reach to Excel.Exe.

For office 2016 & 365, the executables (EXCEL, WORD, ...) are located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16. The path can be found by right clicking Excel from the start menu, choose 'More' > 'Open file location'. Then right click the Excel and choose 'Properties'. The 'Shortcut' tab will display the Excel location in the "Target" field. For the office computer, the location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office 16.

On Windows 10, I did not see Excel (Under 'E' or under 'M') at Startup menu. Under 'Microsoft Office 2016 Tools' in the start menu, I see Database Compare 2016, Office 2016 Language Pref..., Office 2016 Upload Center, Skype for Business Record..., Spreadsheet Compare 2016, Telemetry Dashboard for Office, Telemetry Log for Office 2016. I did see Word 2016, Publisher 2016, OneNote 2016, Outlook 2016 in the startup menu. Anyway, I can type excel.exe in the search box to launch Excel 2016.

Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription plan to current and future versions of Microsoft Office that offers other productivity services enabled over the internet (Cloud services) including Exchange Online - hosted email for business, and additional online storage with OneDrive for Business.


Can I write an equation? Not in Word for the web.

Adding equations to Google Slides. The strategy is to use the online Latex editor to create a math equation, download the file (say in SVG) and insert it into OneDrive/Google documentation. After I insert a picture (SVG file) on top of a diagram, I need to right click the diagram and choose 'Fill' and pick the white color (since the background color is not white). It works fine except I cannot edit the equation.

Intelligent Services

Make Office Work Smarter for You

macOS version

macOS will have another extra menu bar sits on atop/outside the office application. This Mac menu is less implemented in Microsoft Office. We can ignore that part depending on the applications. PowerPoint 2016 for Mac review: New interface and features make PowerPoint pleasant

Pages, Numbers, Keynote

Forget Microsoft Office: Your Mac Already Has a Free Productivity Suite


Set up Outlook with Office 365

How to Configure Outlook for Mac for Office 365

How to Reduce the Size of Your Outlook Data File

Different panes

  • Navigation pane
  • Reading pane
    • Inbox/Message List pane: See on how to change the font size of the message list. Mail -> VIew -> Current View -> View Settings. Click 'Other Settings' -> Row Font or 'Conditional Formatting' -> one rule.
    • Preview pane
  • Calendar pane: See on how to keep the Calendar in Mail pane. Mouse over (not click) on Calendar located on bottom-left. Click the Pin button to dock it to the right edge of the Outlook window.

Change theme

File -> Options -> General. Select the drop-down list from the 'Color scheme'.

Change view: Messages vs Conversations

Go to View > Conversion.

On the web version, there is no menu bar. The same option is at Filter > Show as. We can also uncheck the option of 'Show Focused Inbox' from Filter.

How to increase the font size in the reading pane

Use ctrl + mouse scroll wheel. This will affect the current email message.

Or use the Magnification bar at the right-bottom corner (on the status bar). There is no way to lock the zoom level for all messages.

Garamond font

How to change all message font size

See this post. The con is the messages have to be converted to plain text (images in the email will not be shown).

Outlook 2010:

  1. Click File > Options > Trust Center (category) > Trust Center Settings... (button) > E-mail Security (category)
  2. Under 'Read as Plain Text', check the box next to 'Read all standard mail in plain text' > click OK once to return to Outlook Options.
  3. Click Mail (category) > Stationary and Fonts... (button).
  4. Under 'Composing and reading plain text messages', click Font... (button).
  5. Adjust the font size/settings as desired (how to you want to see new messages?) and click OK when done, then OK to exit the Signatures and Stationary window, and OK again to exit Outlook Options.

Note - You will have to click off of whatever email you had selected while changing the settings, then click back on it to see the changes you've made.

How to send an encrypted email

Turn an Outlook message into an appointment or a task

Drag the message from the message list to the Calendar or Tasks shortcut near the bottom of the navigation pane.

Out of Office automatic reply

How To Automatically Reply To Specific Sender (Email Address) In Outlook?

Block Out Daily Lunch Time In Outlook Calendar

How To Block Out /Off Time In Outlook Calendar?

New Meeting Request

Click Calendar first and you will see these two options. New appointment will be saved under my own calendar. New Meeting Request will let you to specify To, When, Where, and Subject.


Auto delete emails from meeting request

Calendar with email

How to Show a Google Calendar in Outlook

How to Show a Google Calendar in Outlook

Email Group

How to Create an Email Group and Distribution List in Outlook

Tag emails

How to Tag Your Emails For Maximum Searchability

Recurring emails

How to create a recurring e-mail message in Outlook

What's New


65536 rows limit and ? columns limit

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel

F2: edit the selected cell

(MacOS): Control + Option + two fingers on touchpad to Scroll Zoom in/out.

In-cell carriage returns

Alt + return

Autofit column width

  1. Select all ("CMD + a" OR "Ctrl + a")
  2. Menu -> Format -> AutoFit Column Width.

Excel R1C1; Change column letters to numbers

Change column letters to numbers? in LibreOffice

Plot Excel data

Apply a Color Scale Based on Values

Data Bars

Sort data in Excel

  1. Select a range of columns
  2. Click Sort & Filter button and select 'Custom sort'. Select the header of 'Column' of "sort by". Click the OK button. Done

Creating a Drop-Down Filter to Extract Data Based on Selection

Remove password protection

Remove password protection from Excel sheets using R

Excel has detected that filename is a SYLK file but cannot load it

This problem occurs when the file that you’re trying to open has uppercase letters “I” and “D” as the first two characters.

For example, your file contains:

ID, Patient, Name
100, John, Smith
101, Mike, Doe

To fix it, either update ID to lower case “Id”, or you can add an apostrophe at the beginning of the first line of text.

Prevent auto convert to dates in Excel

Excel Options -> Advanced -> uncheck 'Enable AutoComplete for cell values'.

How to insert a line break in Excel cell

  • Windows: Ctrl + Enter.
  • Mac: Option + Enter

Insert a row

It can insert a row above, but not below. See How to insert a row below in Excel 2016

Creating macros

Save a macro-enabled workbook

Saving and Using an Excel 2010 Macro-Enabled Workbook. Excel adds the .xlsm extension to the filename.

Open two sheets side by side

Hidden worksheets

7 Fun & Weird Things You Can Create With Microsoft Excel


How to resize multiple cells to fit pictures quickly in Excel?

How to resize multiple cells to fit pictures quickly in Excel?. It works when I tested on Office 365 Excel on mac.

On mac, we can open VBA by fn + alt + F11 or Tools > Macro > VBA.

Sub ResizePictureCells()
For Each Picture In ActiveSheet.DrawingObjects
  PictureTop = Picture.Top
  PictureLeft = Picture.Left
  PictureHeight = Picture.Height
  PictureWidth = Picture.Width
  For N = 2 To 256
    If Columns(N).Left > PictureLeft Then
      PictureColumn = N - 1
      Exit For
    End If
  Next N

  For N = 2 To 65536
    If Rows(N).Top > PictureTop Then
      PictureRow = N - 1
      Exit For
    End If
  Next N

  Rows(PictureRow).RowHeight = PictureHeight
  Columns(PictureColumn).ColumnWidth = PictureWidth * (54.29 / 288)
  Picture.Top = Cells(PictureRow, PictureColumn).Top
  Picture.Left = Cells(PictureRow, PictureColumn).Left
Next Picture
End Sub

Another technique is to delete pictures. Strangely, 'delete' key does not work on picture objects. Method 1. Click 'F5' or 'fn + F5' on mac. Click 'Special' > check the Object option > OK. All pictures are selected in active worksheet. Press Delete key to delete all of them. Method 2. VBA

Sub DeleteAllPics()
Dim Pic As Object
For Each Pic In ActiveSheet.Pictures
Next Pic
End Sub

How to Create a Timeline in Excel

How to Create a Timeline in Excel: SmartArt, Templates, and More

Excel print the header row on each page

  1. Click page layout tab on the ribbon
  2. Switch to the tab for Sheet and spot the section for Print titles. It hosts a row and a column option.
  3. In the 'Rows to repeat at top', enter '$1:$1'.


How to Print the Gridlines and Row and Column Headings in Excel

How to Insert, Edit, or Remove Page Breaks

How to Insert, Edit, or Remove Page Breaks in Microsoft Excel

How to Create a Heat Map in Excel

How to Create a Heat Map in Excel

How to freeze a row/column or multiple rows/columns in Excel

For example, to freeze the first 2 rows: Select the 2nd row. View --> Freeze Panes.

A simpler way is to move the cursor to some cell, say R4C3. Then 'Freeze Panes' will freeze rows 1-3 and columns 1-2.

Excel Pivot Tables: How to create better reports

Lock cell

How to Lock Cells in Excel

Paste multiple lines into one cell in Excel

3 Quick Methods to Paste Multiple Lines into One Cell in Your Excel Worksheet. The first method (double click the cell works).

Split Cells

How to Split Cells in Microsoft Excel

Split paste text into multiple columns

Use Excel functionality to split the string

Highlight the column containing the data to be converted. Data -> Text to columns. This will call "Convert Text to Columns wizard".

If function

=if(exact(E2, "M"), 1, 0)  # Compare E2 cell and "M" string value, return 1 if TRUE.

LAMBDA Function

How to Use the LAMBDA Function in Excel

Create a plan with Excel

How to Create a Marathon Training Plan With Excel

Excel Add-ins

Some favorites for you to try, and some are free

Remove green triangles

Windows: File > Options > Formulas > untick checkbox Enable background error checking.

Mac: Preferences > Error Checking > untick Turn on background error checking

Hide rows or columns

Hide sheet tabs

How to Hide and Unhide Sheet Tabs in Google Sheets

Clear format

How to Clear Formatting in Microsoft Excel. On the “Home” tab, in the “Editing” section, click the “Clear” option.

Split Screens, Freeze Frames, Quick Cut and Paste, Format Painter

Office Mobile

Free for devices less than 10.1 inch screen on Windows 10.

Screenshots from different MS-Excel

  • 2016. The quick access toolbar and menu have a green color as the background. The current selected menu item has white background color so its color is consistent with the Ribbon and the worksheets. The top-left has an 'X' icon as Office 2013.
  • 2013. The quick access toolbar and menu have a white color as the background. The current selected menu item has green background color.
  • 2007. The background color of quick access toolbar, menu and Ribbon is blue by default. There is a big circle Windows icon on the left-most quick access toolbar.
  • 2003 No Ribbon. No quick access toolbar and the location is used to show 'Microsoft Excel' and the file name.
  • 2002/XP or this one. It looks the same as 2000.
  • 2000 Simple.

Use a black color as background for easy reading on screens

On the ribbon go to "Page Layout" and then "Page Color" - select black.

How to Remove the Background From a Picture in Excel

How to Remove the Background From a Picture in Excel

Best Websites to Download Free Excel Templates

Calendar Templates

The Best Free Microsoft Office Calendar Templates for the New Year

Google sheets

Jump to the last cell in a column

Jump to the Last Cell with Data in a Column in Google Sheets (Hyperlink). Note that to avoid the circular dependency error error, we have to select the cell not in the column we are interested in. For example, if we want to jump to the last row in column B, we can put the =Hyperlink() in any cell in column A.

In fact, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+down arrow will work.

Create an Automatic Outline in Microsoft Excel

How to Create an Automatic Outline in Microsoft Excel


Ten simple rules

Ten simple rules for effective presentation slides

Table of contents

How to Create a Table of Contents in Microsoft PowerPoint


Two big menus

  • Table Design
  • Layout: adjust row hight/column width, insert rows/columns, ...


R flextable package. 3.4 PowerPoint or Word documents with officer for powerpoint & officer. Note that the elements of the table is still editable. How to read and create Word Documents in R 2020. It is interesting that if we don't use qflextable() we will get a default pptx table design. So maybe the officer package is all we need.

ft1 <- qflextable(head(airquality))
ft11 <- ft1 %>% theme_box()
ft2 <- qflextable(head(ggplot2::diamonds)) %>% 

ppt <- read_pptx()
ppt <- add_slide(ppt, layout = "Title and Content", master = "Office Theme")
ppt <- ph_with(ppt, value = "Hello world", location = ph_location_type(type = "title"))
ppt <- ph_with(ppt, value = ft1, location = ph_location_left()) 
ppt <- ph_with(ppt, value = ft2, location = ph_location(left = 3, top = 5)) 
print(ppt, target = "~/Downloads/example_table_powerpoint.pptx")

ppt2 <- read_pptx("~/Downloads/example_table_powerpoint.pptx")
ppt2 <- add_slide(ppt2, layout = "Title and Content", master = "Office Theme")
ppt2 <- ph_with(ppt2, value = head(airquality), location = ph_location_left()) # default pptx table style
ppt2 <- ph_with(ppt2, value = ft2, location = ph_location(left = 3, top = 5)) 

# create a temp file
src <- tempfile(fileext = ".png")
# create PNG object
png(filename = src, width = 4, height = 4, units = 'in', res = 400)
# create plot
plot(sample(100, 10))
# save PNG file

# Default image size and location
# the image proportions are distorted
ppt2 <- add_slide(ppt2, layout = "Title and Content", master = "Office Theme")
ppt2 <- ph_with(ppt2, external_img(src),
                use_loc_size = TRUE, 
                location = ph_location_type(type = "body")) 

# Specify the image size in pptx
# PS. specify width, height AND use_loc_size = FALSE in order for it to work
ppt2 <- add_slide(ppt2, layout = "Title and Content", master = "Office Theme")
ppt2 <- ph_with(ppt2, external_img(src, width=4, height=4),
                use_loc_size = FALSE, 
                location = ph_location_type(type = "body"))

# Define the location of the image
ppt2 <- add_slide(ppt2, layout = "Title and Content", master = "Office Theme")
# center the plot
my_width=5; my_height=4.8
s_s <- slide_size(ppt2)
s_w <- s_s$width # width of slides
s_h <- s_s$height # width of slides
left <- (s_w/2) - (my_width/2) 
top <- (s_h/2) - (my_height/2) 
ppt2 <- ph_with(ppt2, value = "Best plot", location = ph_location_type(type = "title"))
ppt2 <- ph_with(ppt2, external_img(src, width = my_width, height = my_height),
                use_loc_size = FALSE ,
                location = ph_location(left = left, top = top))

print(ppt2, target = "~/Downloads/example_table_powerpoint.pptx")

How to Fill Text Color With an Image in Microsoft PowerPoint

Shape fill

On macOS, the app specific menu (vs the global menu bar) will change with the object currently highlighted. For example if I highlighted a shape object, the app specific menu will have a Shape Format item shown on the far RHS. But if I highlighted a picture object, the app specific menu will have a Picture Format item shown on the far RHS.

So if we have created a shape object and we can click on the Shape Fill icon to select the color to be filled after we have clicked Shape Format menu.

How to Convert PowerPoint Slides to Flashcards for Better Study Results

Powerpoint Presenter View

  • The screen has to be extended instead of duplicated.
    • LibreOffice Impress also support presenter screen. Presenter can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+2 to view notes on RHS of your own screen and Ctrl+3 to get an overview of all slides and Ctrl+1 to switch back to the normal view (just see the next slide in PC's screen).
    • LibreOffice Impress screenshots (no need to install anything extra at least on Ubuntu 16.04 and actually no need to remember the keyboard shortcuts)
  • Presenter View in PowerPoint
  • How to Add and Print PowerPoint With Speaker Notes
  • Presenter View in Google Slides. Just click in the text box beneath the main slide area to type your notes, or go to Tools > Voice type speaker notes, click the mic button and start dictating. Your notes will be viewable by only when you select “presenter view” from the Present drop-down menu.
  • Webex (not work): Options for sharing PowerPoint slides in Webex (including Presenter View). Unlike Teams or Zoom that offer ways to use PowerPoint’s Presenter View Preview mode to share your slides with the attendees while you see your notes, this is not possible in Webex.
  • Teams (work): Share - Window - PowerPoint. At this time, the other users can see my PP even my screen hasn't switch to PP automatically. After I manually switch to PP, I can see a red color border around my PP. I can click Slide Show - Presenter View or Opt + Enter keys. Audience will see the normal slide show screen while I am still in the presenter's view. If I click "End Slide Show", it will automatically disconnect the sharing. If we accidentally click "Use Slide Show", we can still double click a slide and bring back the "Presenter View". Note: pressing the "ESC" key will end sharing.

How to Black (or White) Out a PowerPoint Presentation

How to Prevent PowerPoint from Automatically Resizing Text

How to Dim the Appearance of Text in PowerPoint

How to Animate Single Words or Letters

How to Animate Single Words or Letters in Microsoft PowerPoint

Aligning Objects Between PowerPoint Slides

Use Guides to Position Items in Google Slides

How to Use Guides to Position Items in Google Slides

How to Blur an Image in PowerPoint

How to Insert an Image Inside of Text in PowerPoint

How to Make an Image Transparent in Microsoft PowerPoint

How to Make an Image Transparent in Microsoft PowerPoint, How to Make an Image Transparent in Google Slides

Add Image Placeholders in Google Slides

How to Add Image Placeholders in Google Slides

Insert a right curly bracket

  • Insert and Format Shapes and Lines in Word 2019 - Office 365
  • My note on Office 365
    1. Insert (Office menu, not the menu bar in OS) -> Shape -> Pick the right curly brace shape
    2. Select the curly brace object. Click the 'Shape Format' menu. Click the 'outline' icon (right next to the 'shape fill'). Then pick a color and change/increase the weight

How to Create Brackets

  • PowerPoint Brackets.
    • Solution 1: just pick the pre-made shape Office provided
    • Solution 2: group 3 straight lines
  • How to Create Brackets in PowerPoint
    • Insert shapes -> rectangle.
    • Shape fill -> none. Shape outline -> Weight (increase it).
    • Right click the bottom right point -> Edit Points.
    • Right click the bottom right point -> Open Path (the point will be shifted a little bit)
    • Right click the bottom right point -> Delete Point.
    • Adjust the size rectangle as you like.

How to Create a Timeline in Microsoft PowerPoint

Designer Tool

How To Use The PowerPoint Designer Tool – 10+ PowerPoint Design Ideas For Presentations

Slide master and Design Template, logo watermark

How to Record Your Screen With Microsoft PowerPoint

How to Make a Poster Using Microsoft PowerPoint

How to Make a Flowchart in PowerPoint

Remove background

Track Changes in a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

How to Track Changes in a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

How to Reveal One Line at a Time

How to Reveal One Line at a Time in Microsoft PowerPoint

Progress bar

How to Create a Progress Bar in Microsoft Powerpoint


Organize your PowerPoint slides into sections

Insert code with syntax highlight

We are in an edit mode when we click on the paste object. PowerPoint will show spelling errors on words. But if we switch to the Slide Show mode, the spelling errors will be gone.

PDF and PowerPoint

5 Ways to Add a PDF Into a PowerPoint Presentation

Google Slides

Link Excel to PowerPoint

How to Link Excel Data to Your PowerPoint Presentation

Create videos

See Video -> PowerPoint.

Webex and presenter's note

How to properly present PowerPoint slides in Webex Meetings. However I don't have PPT Notes option on my mac's Webex; I only see Notes.

Add Section and Slide Zooms

How to Add Section and Slide Zooms in Microsoft PowerPoint

Zoom in/out in presentation


10 PowerPoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation


Hide ribbon

Show / hide ribbon arrow in Word v16.20 for Mac is gone. Click an item on the ribbon (example Home) and every on the ribbon will collapse.

Read to you

5 Ways to Make Your Computer Read Documents to You

Double space

How to Double Space a Word Document

How to Remove Empty Lines

How to Remove Empty Lines from a Word Document

Add line number

Add or remove line numbers

Convert text to table

Convert text to a table or a table to text

On mac,

  1. copy the text from Terminal for example, and paste the text to Word
  2. select the text
  3. on Word app menu bar (not the global menu), click "Insert" -> arrow next to "Table" icon and then pick Convert text to table....
  4. Under seperate text at, pick the right one (eg Tabs or Comma). Under AutoFit behavior, choose "Autofit to contents".

Hide spelling and grammar errors in Word

How to Hide Spelling and Grammar Errors in a Specific Word Document

How to Add and Remove Comments in Word

How to Add and Remove Comments in Word

Rotate a page in Word files

3 Microsoft Word Formatting Tricks You Should Really Know

Avoid change simple quote ' to smart quote ’ (autoformatting) in Word

Uncheck two options in Options -> Proofing -> Autoformatting.

8 MS Word Templates That Help You Brainstorm & Mind Map Your Ideas Quickly

How to use Word to create holiday cards and other projects

Change the Style of Hyperlinks

How to Change the Style of Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

Avoid broken hyperlinks from web address containing space

Track changes and comments

How to make sure all the changes have been accepted or rejected and all comments have been removed?

How to diff microsoft word documents It works.

pandoc -f docx -t markdown -o infile.docx

How to Make a Dot Grid Paper Template in Microsoft Word

How to Make a Dot Grid Paper Template in Microsoft Word

Organize a document, outline view, heading

Google Docs


Flow Charts

To create a flow chart in Word,

  1. View > Gridlines
  2. Insert > Shape/Line or Text Box

Note that though I can create flowcharts in Word or PowerPoint, I can not export the flowchart to a png file from Word or PowerPoint on my Mac. So I end up using LightShot to take a screenshot.

But Word highlights words with mis-spelling:( The fix that, click 'Review' > Spelling and Grammar. Click 'Ignore' for every words it finds.


How to Make a Flowchart in PowerPoint


How to Create Flowcharts in Microsoft Word (The Easy Way)

  • It has an online and offline (open source) versions.
  • For offline uses, it has a docker version too.
  • The default file extension is an XML. We can export the graph to PNG, SVG among others formats.
  • It includes several templates to use.
  • Manual & tutorials
  • The connector can be created directly from the shape itself through the blue triangle; see Tutorial 1: Creating a Diagram
  • To create a text within an object, just double click it. To create a text outside objects, double click somewhere and start to enter the text. After that, just move the text to the location we want.
  • It supports layers. Click View > Layers. The Layers panel/menu will be shown up.
    • The default one is a 'Background'.
    • If we add a new layer, the new layer will be shown on top of the 'Background' in Layers panel. It also uses light blue color to highlight the currently working layer.
    • Small triangle next to each layer in the Layers menu allows users to move a layer to 'Back' or 'Front' relative to its neighbor layer. Of course, the top layer cannot go 'Front' and the bottom layer (eg Background) cannot go 'Back'.
    • Use the checkbox to hide/show layers.
  • Even in the same layer, we can move an object to back or front.
  • There are different categories of shapes to use.
    • The default one is 'General'.
    • Misc category includes lists, tables, linked text, curly bracket, et al
    • Flowchart category.
    • Arrows category
    • Android, iOS, ...